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It is exciting to go to clubs with friends and family. A great looking mini dress will make you look good and that translates into more fun.

The goal of this site is to provide great information about mini dress styles. There is a lot to the process of looking great.. Please email tips and advice to

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Mini Dresses

Mini Dresses are a growing trend. In todays world, there is a growing trend to do more with less. People are trending towards smaller items and items that may not be quite as convenient, but that can still get the job done. As proof, smaller cars are a hot trend and so are smaller homes and smaller kitchen appliances. A mini dress addresses the growing trends. The mini dress will cost less than a formal dress and be more sexy. In our world of everyone trying to be all natural, a mini dress is certainly one of societies most pleasurable green products.

Sexy Mini Dresses

The most common mini dress is one that is just plain short. However, you should be aware that mini dresses come in different lengths. Some mini dresses are a lot longer than others. The color is usually monotone. The breast area may be revealing or not. The main thing about a mini dress is that it showcases the shoulders, legs, and arms (unless long sleeved).

When people think of a sexy minidress, they usually think of a one color black minidress that is short. Black is the color that most people aspire to. A black mini dress is thought of as sexy and a bit aggressive. People that are really motivated to succeed often choose to wear black. If you feel driven and sexy, then a black mini dress is a good choice.

Black is the most popular mini dress color, but there are other colors to choose from. One of the hottest colors is red. There have been many movies where a really sexy girl is wearing a short red minidress. Red mini dresses are known to be the hottest color available. To make a red minidress look great, it helps a lot to have the right skin tone and hair color. For example, a redhead will often look gorgeous in a red mini dress. Since red is thought of as very hot, it is a good idea to ascertain whether you can pull it off. If you don't look that great, it's not a good idea to draw so much attention to yourself with a red mini dress.

Other Mini Dress Colors

In contrast, the white minidress is probably the least sexy of the colors. The idea of white is to be clean and pure. While the color white will elevate you to a higher level, it won't make you appear as sexy as someone wearing red or black. Women that like a white mini dress are often already taken. They aren't trying to impress people as much. They may wear the mini dress for an adventurous night out with their husband. If you want to play hard to get or just be choosy, than a white mini dress is a good choice for you. The white mini dress is also a dress that people get married in. Some mini dresses are formal and can actually be worn at a wedding.

The orange minidress is one of the least popular colors. An orange minidress, is not seen very often. You will feel totally unique. Do you like to go to a club and wear what everyone else has on? Most girls want to look unique. An orange minidress will certainly make a woman look unique. Some high end retailers have caught on to this and offer the orange mini dress.

The purple mini dress is a popular color to wear to a prom. Have you noticed how many girls want something deep and rich for the prom. The prom is the day of many dreams. People want it to go perfectly and for it to be very outlandish. The color purple says royalty, deep richness, and individuality. Can you think of a better color for a prom? There are formal purple mini dresses that can be worn to the prom.

The pink mini dress is perfect for those that need their skin color to be brightened up a bit. If you have a rather pale complexion or yellow complexion than pink will bring out the redness in the lips and cheeks. The result is that you will appear more cheerful and vibrant. Pink is also a sexy color that guys like. The color pink has always been synonymous with women and, for many women, pink is still their favorite color.

Since the green movement is so popular, many people are choosing to wear green for that reason alone. Green has traditionally been the color to make you feel cool and relaxed. Are you on a first date? You might like to wear green to help them be themselves and not so uptight. Do you ever get stressed out and just need to get away to the garden or look at some pretty flowers? That is the feeling that a green mini dress can share. If anyone asks you why you are wearing a green mini dress you can simply reply, I'm going green.

A blue mini dress is the color that will convey cool and relaxing, similar to the color green. A blue mini dress goes great with some good looking blue eyes. Blue can also tell people that you are sexy, but that you like it toned down a little. If you want to date someone that likes the feeling of peace and relaxation, then a blue dress is the best choice. Blue has a way of making the girl feel very relaxed and the a guy will feel like he has a true friend. Blue sends out the message that you aren't trying too hard. You are just being yourself, when you wear blue.

Spandex Mini Dresses

A mini dress should show off your body. To do that, the fabric should hug you close and still be comfortable. Spandex is one of the best materials to do just that. Many mini dresses will be a combination of Spandex and cotton or Spandex and Polyester and more. Some of the mini dresses are 100% Spandex. They are very stretchy and comfortable to wear. Spandex is a material that can stretch out and retain its shape for a long time.

Long Sleeve and Formal Mini Dresses

The mini dress isn't just for parties and clubs. The mini dress is also a special occasion dress that people get married in, go the prom in, and even attend a funeral. In colder areas, many girls like to wear a long sleeve mini dress. The long sleeves will also add a lot of class to a formal look.

Some mini dresses are not super short or too revealing. Some of the mini dresses that are the most popular are dresses that look great, but they are not overly revealing. These kinds of dresses are nice because they always look a bit sexy and can still be worn to the play or the movies or out to a nice restaurant.

The longer mini dresses go down to just above the knee. The style is not open in the front of the back. In many cases the mini dress will go all the way up to the neck. However, the longer mini dresses always show off the shoulders. Some of the longer mini dresses go up around the neck in various ways, but the shoulders are always laid bare.

Going Green

Today, it is fashionable to do less with more. The idea of wearing a dress that has less material and that looks even sexier than other dresses is desirable for a lot of women. Many people can't afford to spend thousands of dollars on long formal dress. To save money, people are wearing formal mini dresses that actually are a lot sexier.

Final Tip

If you are looking for the perfect man, think about what the mini dress conveys. The color and style of the dress make a large difference in how it makes others feel. Many of you are just out to have fun and that is great too. We hope you can find the perfect minidress for you.






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